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trabzon airport

August January-Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloglu, Trabzon Airport, which hosted 2.5 million passengers in the period by the end of the year, stating that they will build a new runway 3 thousand 240 meters long,”Thus, we will bring to our city the terminal building that can serve 10 million passengers annually on an area of 110 thousand square meters.” said.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Uraloglu told journalists that Trabzon is among the cities that make a name for themselves in tourism with its unique nature, historical and cultural assets. Dec.

Pointing out that transportation is one of the important criteria for increasing mobility in tourism, Uraloglu said that they have implemented important projects in transportation in Trabzon, as well as throughout the country.

Uraloğlu pointed out that one of the most important projects in the city is the renovation of Trabzon Airport and stated that the design stages of the substructure and superstructure works have been completed and are ready for tender.


Underlining that a new runway will be built within the scope of the project, Uraloglu said, “We will build a new runway with a length of 3 thousand 240 meters to Trabzon Airport by the end of the year. Thus, we will bring the terminal building, which can serve 10 million passengers annually on an area of 110 thousand square meters, to our city. A parallel taxiway of the same length as the runway will be built, as well as two aprons of 1200 meters x 155 meters and 400 meters x 120 meters.” he spoke.

Uraloğlu stated that they started the first stage works on June 7 in order to increase the capacity of the airport without waiting for the completion of these planned works, and continued as follows:

“Within the scope of the first stage works, a new international incoming passenger terminal of 3 thousand 77 square meters, a CIP passenger building of 860 square meters, a new thermal center building of 2 thousand 250 square meters will be built. The transformation of the existing international terminal into an international outbound passenger terminal, EDS, revision of baggage handling systems, revision of check-in conveyors, addition of elevators, suspended ceiling renovation, exterior facade renovation and reinforcement of flooring and similar works will also be carried out.”

Uraloğlu listed the works to be carried out within the scope of the renovation of the existing domestic terminal as follows:

“The addition of two fixed passenger bridges and rotunda, the addition of bellows system, the revision of baggage handling systems will be carried out. The renovation of the service building will be carried out. Renovations on the gallery line and infrastructure productions such as fire, rainwater and sewer lines, natural gas will be carried out. Fixed furniture such as passport counters and check-in will be renewed. Within this scope, all mechanical, electrical and electronic manufacturing, landscape manufacturing will be carried out.”

Uraloğlu, who explained that construction and material procurement works are continuing at the current stage, said, “The basic production of the international passenger building has been completed and the steel column installation will be started Jul. Reinforced concrete production is continuing in the heat center building. The basic production of the CIP building is continuing. Renovation works are underway in the additional service building. October 20, 2016. The physical realization is 8.84 percent.” said.

Uraloglu said that Trabzon Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, ranked 7th in the number of domestic passengers and 10th in the number of international passengers.

Stating that 3 million 185 thousand passengers were accommodated at Trabzon Airport last year, Uraloğlu added that they estimate that the number of passengers will reach 4 million by the end of this year, so the work done is important.

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trabzon airport

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